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Colorado Wildfires

Your property or someone you know may have been affected by the devastation of the wildfires and our thoughts are with those as they prepare to rebuild what was lost.

Many sources of assistance and aid are available to help with the aftermath in addition to the insurance coverage afforded by an insurance policy covering the physical property. We urge you to utilize those resources to their fullest extent.

It has been our experience that many times after a catastrophe the insured receives an initial check from their insurance company for the damage and then are left with the burdensome task of documenting their claim without any further direction or assistance from the insurance company to facilitate the claim for full compensation. Many simply have questions or want to make sure that all available coverage under their policy is reviewed and utilized to its fullest extent and some may need assistance with the preparation and submission of their claim.

Access Public Adjusters, LLC is a Colorado public adjusting company that is hired directly by the insured to serve as their advocate, looking out for their best interest and insuring that the maximum benefit available under the property insurance policy is recovered.

Access Public Adjusters, LLC can help those in need. We would be glad to speak with anyone who has questions or concerns about their property claim and can help them decide if they need the help of a professional looking out for their best interest or if answering a few questions will give them the peace of mind to start rebuilding their homes and lives.

There is no charge to speak with us for an initial consultation or review of a claim and we promise there will be no hard sell for our services. We are here to help not harass.

Please give us a call or e-mail us if we can help you or answer your questions.