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Why Should You Hire a Public Adjuster?

Hiring a public adjuster as your advocate to handle your property insurance claim helps you attain a maximum settlement for all of the available coverage in your insurance policy and reduces the stress level that you experience by taking care of your claim for you.

Property owners be it home or business have committed a significant capital outlay to acquire property and they want to protect their financial interest in that property should any devastation occur to it. Generally, a property insurance policy is purchased to cover that unforeseen contingency. 

Hopefully nothing will ever happen to cause that unforeseen contingency to materialize and statistically it never will.  But when it does what do you, the policyholder, have to do to look out for your best interest and protect the biggest investment that you have ever made?


Consulting with a public adjuster should be the first thing an insured does when a loss occurs to their property.  At that point, the insured can determine if it will be beneficial to hire a public adjuster.


Unfortunately, the majority of consumers believe that it is a simple matter of turning the claim in to their insurance carrier and that the insurance company will look out for the consumer’s best interest. This belief exists not because the consumer is naive, but because they have never had to deal with a catastrophe of this nature and letting an insurance company control their claim seems to be the normal flow of events. In reality, now that a loss has occurred to your property a whole new set of dynamics comes into play that require the insured to have an advocate on their side. 

Very simply those dynamics are this. An insurance company is a business that exists to make a profit. If they are able to minimize their expenses, whether those expenses are claims, rent or wages they are able to increase their profits, so it only makes sense that they operate in a fashion that is consistent with profit maximization and by minimizing
their claim payments they are acting in a manner that is consistent with increasing their profits.


By hiring a public adjuster to represent your best interest, you the consumer are putting control back into your hands and not letting a disinterested party - the insurance company - look out for you. 

A public adjuster can maximize the amount that you recover for your loss under all of the available coverage sold to you in your insurance policy. They can do this because they are experts in adjusting property insurance claims and they understand the contract or insurance policy as well as the damages.


The public adjuster takes on the burden of putting your claim together, making sure that all of the necessary paperwork is filed and deals directly with the insurance company, which gives you the opportunity to get back to a normal lifestyle knowing that you are being taken care of by someone who is there solely for you.